Monday, January 31, 2011

Revisiting Bleach

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[Spoiler alert! Arrancar arc]

I was curious about a pairing I've seen a few times between Orihime and Ulquiorra, which I suspected to be a case of Stockholm Syndrome, so I read all the Bleach chapters since Soul Society arc... and I realize the appeal.

Ulquiorra represents Nihilism, which initially struck me as a psychic deadness with dark circles around his eyes and marking that resembles tear-streaked eyeliner :-P And he has minimal facial expressions and minimal emotions. However, he's extremely perceptive and logical, kind of like L from Death Note... Serious resemblance :-P

There's always a tension between Ulquiorra's interaction with Orihime when she is kept captive at Aizen's palace. He never does more than what's necessary (e.g. gratuitous violence), and is generally civil. He does not understand why Core Crew (her school buddies) are coming to save her, although he seems genuinely curious about how this motivation arises. A bit like the Bicentennial Man robot. I can see how the Stockholm Syndrome (and a bit of Lima) comes about... especially as he turns to ash after battle w/ hollow Ichigo.

Oh and the Shinigami training academy is like Hogwarts + Quantico. =P

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh the humanity...

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(12:27:12 AM) friend: The cat just jumped on my lap and demands to be petted.
(12:27:36 AM) me: I see
(12:27:48 AM) me: I wonder if having a pet would make me feel more useful
(12:27:54 AM) me: although I might accidentally kill it
(12:28:02 AM) me: due to neglect
(12:28:31 AM) friend: I had a student with this dilemma
(12:29:00 AM) me: existing track record?
(12:29:01 AM) me: :P
(12:29:12 AM) friend: Her friends started her off with a cactus plant.
(12:29:16 AM) me: it died.
(12:29:22 AM) friend: Alas she killed it.
(12:29:37 AM) me: I had a pot of African violet
(12:29:49 AM) me: the flowers died after 1 week
(12:29:58 AM) me: and then it never flowered again
(12:30:05 AM) me: and it died after a few months
(12:30:24 AM) friend: Don't take it too personally
(12:30:28 AM) me: haha
(12:30:50 AM) friend: It happens to other people too like cactus girl.
(12:32:19 AM) me: cactus is pretty hard to kill.
(12:33:02 AM) friend: Yes that's why cactus girl was distraught
(12:33:09 AM) me: oh no
(12:33:18 AM) me: what is she like?
(12:33:32 AM) friend: Very attractive, I dunno.
(12:33:36 AM) me: :P
(12:33:39 AM) friend: Talkative.
(12:33:40 AM) me: temperament
(12:33:41 AM) me: really
(12:33:44 AM) me: curious
(12:33:58 AM) me: so one possibility is that she completely forgot about it
(12:34:36 AM) friend: She thought it didn't get enough light, and wanted me to design a giant parabolic mirror for her to concentrate light.
(12:35:05 AM) friend: I said that was stupid, but not quite so bluntly.
(12:35:25 AM) me: well, it would set the cactus on fire
(12:35:48 AM) friend: Yeah, well english majors don't know that.
(12:36:03 AM) me: oh man, I was laughing too hard at that one

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More quizzes...

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My Political Views
I am a left social moderate
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Score: -4.2

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My Culture War Stance
Score: -6.03

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