Wednesday, May 30, 2012

House ended

- - -
and I lost some sleep.

In some ways, TV series are like start-ups... a group of creatives and builders trying to survive the scrutiny and at the mercy of network execs (i.e. VC's, angel sponsors or whatever funding sources a start-up can get).

In other ways, they're unlike most start-ups... i.e. the crew has access to the fancy gadgets and equipment (might be similar to a start-up that somehow leverages the manufacturing capability of an established company).

And also, many of them get axed after one or two seasons (i.e. like a start-up runs out of funding). In House's case, it's almost like the start-up grew and grew and then a profitable buyout. I think it's a good thing that Hugh Laurie decided to end the series before it becomes overripe. FOX network does have a tendency to make some controversial decisions...

By the way, I see a parallel between the House stunt and the Sherlock stunt toward the end of the series finale...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Capitalism and Psychopathy

- - -
Ha. Ha. Ha.

The ultimate behavioral economics dissertation topic: Capitalism and Psychopathy
     Chapter 1: Motivation
     Chapter 2: History and philosophy of capitalism
     Chapter 3: Psychopathy in history
     Chapter 4: Evolutionary origins and the neuroscience of psychopathy 
     Chapter 5: Psychopathy and (the rampant) capitalism (that is contemporary America)
     Chapter 6: Where to go from here?

In a culture that idolizes Steve Jobs but not Bill Gates, anyone who dares publish that thesis will never get a job in the United Freaking States and therefore must move to Canada or Scandinavia.

Poetic connections to quantum physics

- - -

        by: Robert Frost (1874-1963)

        It went many years,
        But at last came a knock,
        And I thought of the door
        With no lock to lock.
        I blew out the light,
        I tip-toed the floor,
        And raised both hands
        In prayer to the door.
        But the knock came again
        My window was wide;
        I climbed on the sill
        And descended outside.
        Back over the sill
        I bade a “Come in”
        To whoever the knock
        At the door may have been.
        So at a knock
        I emptied my cage
        To hide in the world
        And alter with age.

Sublime description of two eigenstates superimposing on each other (I read it as a metaphor of life/death, of being/non-being, or just two different perspectives...) and the observation paradox of Schrödinger's cat :-P