Friday, July 29, 2011

Exodus from the sensory-deprived suburbia (photos)

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Next time I'll ride the bus... probably westward. 

 UN Plaza. Note the seagulls on the left of the fountain. There were many pigeons too.

UN Plaza & SF City Hall. The statue on the left is Simon Bolivar, and the (higher one) on the right is Founder's Statue. The tents were a multi-cultural market selling trinkets and various souvenirs. And seagull on the bottom left.

Supreme Court of California. That crane might have been around there for awhile...

Another shot of the City Hall...

 Asian Art Museum

Random road light (corner of McAllister & Larkin)

Random chimney (same corner as above)

Urban safari indeed.

Back at UN Plaza. 


Orpheum Theater (currently showing Billy Elliot)

I wandered southwest down Market Street for a while, and the vibe got progressively more sketchy. I was gonna take a picture of an abandoned church at corner of Howard & 10th Avenue, but decided not to look like a stupid tourist.

On Market Street near the UN Plaza. They were soda cans turned into butterflies.

Interesting graffiti across from the SF AIDS Center.

Inside Westfield Mall. Forgot what store this was...

Westfield Mall. The Nordstrom is really really big.

Someone playing the piano. He did a nice jazzy rendition of The Sound of Music. :-)

Man, almost a perfect shot of the 180-degree rotational symmetry.

St. Patrick's Church near SFMOMA and the Yerba Buena Garden.

 Waterfall in the Yerba Buena Garden, Metreon in the background.

The waterfall is so very serene.

Apparently, there was a convention about the Subway franchise at Moscone West...

Squashed road cone hanging from the trolley line on 4th Street...

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