Monday, January 19, 2009

Patterned sounds

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Chopin's music always sounds like Chopin's music. Had he lived in the 21st Century, I wonder if he would have a propensity for dark background on web pages.

I associate major keys with lighter colors and minor keys with darker colors, and keys with many flats/sharps with darker colors than keys with few accidentals. I'm particularly enamored with Chopin's music that's in C# minor and Bb minor. I can't explain why.

On the other hand, I also enjoy tunes in F minor and Dorian mode. My color associations with Greek modes roughly follow their parallel major keys.

Table of major keys:
C majorwhite
G majorgrass green
D majorsky blue with a hint of yellow
A majormixture of lavender and light crimson
E majorvermilion
B majorsilvery blue
F majororange-yellow
Bb majordark blue-gray
Eb majormixture of dark crimson and violet
Ab majordark-gray violet
Db majordark blue-silver-gray
Gb majordark olive-green

Table of their relative minor keys:
A minorlavender
E minormixture of salmon and vermilion
B minorivory
F# minoryellow ochre
C# minormetallic silver
G# minordark green
D minorlight sky blue-gray
G minorlight olive-green
C minorbeige
F minorgrayish yellow
Bb minorgray
Eb minordark vermilion

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