Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peanuts and pyramids

- - -
From the CTO ("Chief Talking Officer") of Polychromix, MEMS can be the functional parts of "peanuts" (commodity products, e.g. Knowles SiSonic silicon cell‐phone microphone) or "pyramids" (MEMS-enabled products, e.g. Polychromix PhazIR). Different economies of scale, but he demonstrated how both have to be customer-oriented and profitable (I wonder where I've heard that before!)

Some rather neat theories behind their operations, I must say, lots of physics and optics and mechanical/electrical engineering. Tension and reflection and refraction and spectral analyses. And the software for identifying the materials too. The PhazIR looks like a raygun out of Star Trek.

The speaker was an emeritus prof too. I guess it takes certain qualities to make a good CTO and otherwise thrive in the applied-science arena...

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