Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scenic campus...

... for wedding photos!

To date, I have seen three newlywed couples taking photos on campus since September. Must be the bright blue sky and the stately sandstone buildings and the colorful flora in the main quad area.

Two of the couples took pictures at the exact spot of the northeastern corner of the quadrangle, the four sides being long corridors lined with "Greco-Spanish-style" columns with this exquisite effect of shadow contrast when sunlight hits at certain angles.

Hmm! Maybe that's why. It's like the two parties have traversed down the perpendicular corridors and converged at the same spot. Very romantic thought :-)

And perpendicular means maximizing the CROSS-PRODUCT. (Die-hard nerd won't let this go without a lame tech joke.)

I think I would like my photos in the MIIIT Chapel area though. I rather like the moat and the stylish abstract rocket-like statue on the roof.

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