Thursday, July 8, 2010

WTF taking food metaphors way too far

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The ancient Chinese (and probably in other cultures too) have said something to the effect of: Before the age of 20, one's countenance is the responsibility of the parents; after the age of 20, that becomes the responsibility of oneself.

So on the morning ride in the company shuttle today, I realized that my face is contorted in a position that seems to indicate someone owes me $10 trillion. In an artificial and bizarre attempt to prevent my face from permanently frozen in a frowny scowly pout, I decided to think of ways to make cakes that look like the corporate buildings I see along the way from the train station to my office.

McAfee was the easiest. Horizontal brown and black stripes. Regular chocolate and dark chocolate. NetLogic... a little trickier. I think some relative of taro works for the lighter parts. For the bluish-green parts... gelatin. Hahahaha.

So freaking pathetic.

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