Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amount of responsibility is (approximately) proportional to the number of keys owned

- - -
Or perhaps to the weight of the keys, but I think that's a weaker correlation.

Keys unlock doors. Keys catalyze. Keys open up dimensions.

Or just locks one into the daily humdrums.

I returned half of my keys some weeks back, and I'm enveloped by an unbearable lightness of uncertainty in momentum space. Where to go from here?

If I spin my set of keys on the lanyard, lasso-style, and let it fly tangential to my peripheral field of view, I can see dragonflies rising from the dews. They dragonflies I see are free, free from the laws of Nature and physics.

My key set flies parabolic across a scrapyard of abandoned space-time fragments. No resistance. It will fly forever.

And I might not even miss it.

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