Friday, February 4, 2011

Iris Zero, Arago

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Came across a curious manga series about high schoolers who are born with individualized special power called "Irises". And Toru, who apparently has no such power, is known as "Iris Zero".

Since he has no special powers, he is constantly bullied and thus adopts a "minimal exposure" philosophy to life. Although after a popular girl singles him out by confessing to him and hanging around him everyday, this situation turns complicated rather quickly...

As Buddy from The Incredibles says, "When everyone is super, no one is." That only applies if everyone's super along the same dimensions. It is interesting to note that because Toru has no "Iris", he compensates for it by developing a razor sharp intuition about people's intents and motivations. I must say this is a pretty special power that I'd like to have too...

Watching this story unfold is rather entertaining and adorable. This and Arago have been my good finds of the day...

Arago feels like Black Cat + Master Keaton + Dresden Files. Take an impetuous rookie police detective, a father-figure/mentor chief inspector, a childhood friend who becomes a weapons specialist in the same department, and lots of Anglo-Celtic-Gothic supernatural legends against the contemporary Scotland Yard & London backdrop. This one is a fun read too.

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