Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Fudgy Science Episode 002] (FSE 002)

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Upon further reflection based on the last two days, I have revised my graph from FSE 001.

I added hysteresis loops into the system, so now it has "memory" and would thus depend on the immediately prior state. This means that if I start out fully awake and become less awake, I would follow the arrows pointing left. If I start out comatose and become more awake, I would follow the arrows that pointing right.

The dip in the bottom blue curve in the 80% to 100% awake range indicates an "OMFG what was I rambling about earlier" moment.

This is probably related to the refractory period or the elastic curves... recovering from a comatose state takes more energy because the brain has been running on an empty tank, so to speak.

I realized this after I went from ~50% awake to ~70% awake over the past two days due to a last-minute whirlwind generation of data figures because my old figures were deemed "weird and inconclusive". My new graphs basically verified the findings from a previous paper, using a similar system but not exactly the same. Since it was a paper that I found on Monday, of which my collaborators have never seen, it proved to be the saving grace for my presentation today... otherwise I would have no "new" data whatsoever. I spent the entire day yesterday running loads of simulations and finishing my slides.

Collaborator: "I saw you were still changing your Powerpoint file at 2AM..." (Yay Dropbox shared folder)
Me: "Yeah um... the table has like 30 things in it..."

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