Friday, January 20, 2012

Biz school profs' (canine) personas

- - -
I've been amusing myself lately by associating my recent profs with characteristic dogs, in some cases anthropomorphic ones.

P.C.R. - (a slightly loopy) German Shepherd. Claims to be serious and pedagogical, but secretly is not that serious and has a dark sense of humor. (He called me by different wrong names TWICE).

J.M.L. - the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp. Whimsical, laid-back, yet perceptive and shrewd. Reminds me of Robin Williams' characters.

J.D.S. - the Terrier in Lady and the Tramp. Energetic, snappy, yappy, inclined to provocative and dramatic flairs.

J.P. - a cross between a beagle and a Dachshund...? He's ex-military, has engineering degrees, and lots of hands-on mechanical design experience. Hard to place him so far.

Looking forward to adding more descriptions. I might have to expand my set to more animals later on...

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