Monday, February 13, 2012

Just a check-up on my state of the mind...

- - -

The "Creator" part has been pretty consistent since a few years back. The adjective, however, varies depending on how I generally feel about life over the past month...

Terms explained:
How confident you are about expressing your opinions and accomplishing things.
Your degree of openness to new experiences.
How outgoing you are. High means you are extroverted. Low means you are introverted.
How much you understand (and experience) the emotions and thoughts of others.
Trust in Others
The general faith you have in other people; how much you think people are good at heart.
Your adherence to the social order and how much you favor obedience.
The degree of your stereotypically-male traits.
The degree of your stereotypically-female traits.
How comfortable you are with making plans at the last minute.
Attention to Style
How aware you are of fashion trends. How much effort you put in to your own style.
How much you believe you determine your own outcomes. High means you believe that you have control over your life. Low means you believe that other factors—such as chance, fate, and powerful others—influence your life.
Your prefererence for concrete or abstract things. Low means you prefer abstract, theoretical things. High means you prefer detail-oriented, practical things.
Your prefererence for beauty or form. Low means you care more about how something works. High means you care more about how something looks.

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