Thursday, March 19, 2009

Das Leben der Anderen (2006)

- - -
(a.k.a. The Lives of Others)

This moved me very much -- The emotion-layered acting and the music, simple yet effective. Especially the love theme and Sonata for a Good Man written for this film by Gabriel Yared. Before when I said that this wasn't yaoi, I take it back... because on a subtle level it is. At the very end of film I realized it, during a particular moment when the love theme again plays in the background, more subdued than before, but that time it's not the love between the playwright and his girlfriend. (I'm not gonna spoil it more =P)

(Sebastian Koch specifically learned the piece for the film, and he didn't know how to play the piano at all, lol. It has become the only song he can play.)

The love theme melody goes [G G G G- F, C C C C C- Bb, F F F F- Eb], so up a 4th after each phrase. Mmm... whenever I hear a I-IV or i-IV progression (more for i-IV) I think of sunlight reflecting off glimmering waters. :-)

And in the director's commentaries, he mentioned how he was trying to create a memorable texture through a uniform color theme... like how we remember Indiana Jones's brown hat and whip and beige sand. It worked pretty nicely. When I recall some of my favorite movies, I would think of colors too (e.g. Amélie: orange-vermillion, Spirited Away: sky-blue and grass-green)

I think I escape into the Matrix a bit too often these days... or have I always been in it and sometimes escapes out of it?

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