Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank You For Smoking

- - -
"Michael Jordan plays ball; Charlie Manson kills people; I talk." And quite a talker. It's like taking Jon Swift's treatise on eating babies and legitimizing the whole deal. Modern satire... so un-PC that it's funny.

Completely diametrically opposite treatment compared to "The Insider", as that is a serious film and Russell Crowe is a martyr, whereas Aaron Eckhart here is a shameless and quick-tongued clown-figure.

His son is rather articulate as well, like Brian the talking baby in Family Guy? I can see how he'd make a fine lawyer...

I always get annoyed at people who take full advantage of their persuasive skills to do... certain things. Though I've been working on sharpening my pen instead. "Michael Jordan plays ball; Charlie Manson kills people; Lobbyists and lawyers talk; I write random blog entries. And sometimes do useful science."

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