Thursday, July 30, 2009

On foils and duals

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Contrasting characters make for great stories. Examples abound, and I only have a (looong) partial list below... (Myers-Briggs again, even though they don't describe the whole picture) I find myself gravitating toward the one who's closer to the IN*P type, but I enjoy the contrast provided by the other characters as well...

CSI seasons 1 - 8
Gil Grissom, Sarah (INTJ) and Catherine, Nick (ESTJ)

CSI seasons 9 -
Dr. Langston (ENFP) and the rest of the team (*STJ)

Don (ISTJ) and Charlie (INTP)

Ichigo (INFP) and Ishida, Aizen (INTJ)

Death Note
Raito (ENTJ) and L (INTP)

Naruto (ESFP) and Sasuke (INTJ)

Ouran High School Host Club
Tamaki (ESFP) and Kouya (INTJ)

Taiga (ESFP) and Ami (INTJ)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Kurogane (ISTJ) and Fye (ENFP)

In the most recent manga series I'm reading ("The Drops of God", "Les Gouttes de Dieu") about fine wines and their associated imageries, there's also a pair of contrasting characters, but I'm liking the ESFP guy better than the INTJ one. Maybe because I'm substituing all the wines with music, because that's the closest thing I know of that could evoke such rich and varied imageries.

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