Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life is purr before classes and stuff.

- - -
Yeah... it's very open, this area. Like your very being can spread out comfortably on the soft grass. I haven't had any strong urge to engage in dark works of fiction like I usually do... although it's a little to early to say it now, methinks. But at least there are many serene and quaint corners around... a different kind than I experienced. More organic, I think. Less angular and gray.

A bunch of my friends from camp got together... haven't actually seen each other in like, seven years or something. Great Indian food just outside of campus. The other three people were all vegetarian/ pescatarians, so I ordered fish and we all shared dishes. It was very yum and I ate too much. And we talked about nerdy stuff and it was awesome. Funny that they called the rain last week a thunderstorm... I was like, what thunderstorm? :-P And gelato was purry. I got my fill of the Asian flavors.

I guess now I just need to feel more comfortable biking around, and also knowing when I can ride fast and when not...

Random aside: (catchy song)

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