Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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A couple of old-timers here (> 4 years) said that fenders on bike is a must if biking when raining. Else it'd be like "this one girl who was wearing a pristine white dress... with a line of mud from her neck down..."

Also heard many a story about biking while carrying precious circuit projects... and two possible outcomes of subsequent accidents: (1) One guy saved his project but got really bruised and bloody (2) The entire circuit board was dragged for 50 feet, with teammate screaming in the meantime...

Those are stories that might rarely happen at the 'Tute. The following one also... probably not.

And... 25 drunk undergrads once crammed into a dorm elevator meant for 18 people. And were stuck in there. For two hours. From 1AM to 3AM... At least the help button worked.........

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