Friday, November 13, 2009

In Perfectly Imperfectly Parallel Motion

- - -
Upon the windowsill where dreams

Reach out for the branch
Descend into the mainframe
Into the symmetry of space and time

When my poetry muse has a freaking bad case of ADHD.

Why is that Touhou Bad Apple!! music video so addictive... So. Addictive. It's the Eb-minor techno thing. Emo, daaaahk and mysteeeriousss. Just like the characters in the video, even though I'm not familiar with the game. And the lyrics. I mean, yeah. Emo with a vengeance.

Need. To. Surf. Down a hydrodynamic band potential, flyyyy over the forbidden gaps, and accelerate until velocity saturation. Way too much device physics, and apparently not enough...

Going over quantum mechanics pset with a bunch of crazy people until almost 2AM does funny alterations to my state of mind, which has degenerated into a superposition of confabul-conjugated modes... none of which makes sense on its own...

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