Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random books of interest

- - -
I was hanging around at the campus bookstore when I came across these titles that caught my attention...

(1) Flanimals - The pop-ups and the bright colors are eye-catching for sure. I was examining how the paper sculptures were folded... very nifty.

(2) The Solitude of Prime Numbers - This has an aura resembling the one in Karl Iagnemma's On the Nature of Human Romantic Interactions, which I've read and loved. However, I'm afraid to read this one for fear of destabilizing myself. Plus this author is in a similar line of work as me, which adds to my (perhaps irrational) fear...

(3) B is for Bad Poetry - This one is hilarious, hands down. Deliberate non sequiturs and purposefully bad taste abound. One of the reviews on the back cover reads: "If talent is measured in miles, then [Russell's] is a driveway." ROFL.

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