Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interpersonal dynamics

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I try to be a positive presence in my work environment. I think smiling helps. And posting artworks in my cube. And picking up fallen posters with thumb pins sticking up from the floor.

I also try to send updates to people. Network Protocol 101 (think TCP/IP... note the double-meaning here... I love entendres)... although I've been a little behind in updating my research advisor on my recent happenings. Mostly because I consider them to be the usual stew of big-company acclimatization.

Those Enneagram types... I seem to have a strong element of Types 4, 5, 6, moderate 1, 8, 9, and weak 2, 3, 7. Which is completely expected. I like the descriptions of what's the "best" version (i.e. self-actualization) of each type. And on the other ends of the scale too, guilty as charged.

It's good to have goals, hopes and dreams...

Like being Forever 22.

I wonder if my alum mentor thinks I don't like to admit failures. Although it turns out we failed at the same thing. He's an engineer -> entrepreneur -> venture capitalist. Back in grad school days he was a bona-fide lab rat, and loved it. Though his dad had always told him it's good to be self-sufficient, hence the move to start-ups.

I really want to learn more about start-ups from him... because I will likely do that at some point. It feels awesome to be among a group of kindred spirits united in the same goals (i.e. I knew these people by their screen names before meeting them IRL, ROFL.)

I suppose my high school guidance counselor might be right about me after all. Really few people understood me back in high school...

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