Friday, May 6, 2011

Life (NBC TV detective procedual) [Spoiler alerts!]

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Watched the entire series (32 episodes) in 3 days because the main story arc proved too compelling for me... The lead character is unlike most I've seen. Like an Edmond Dantès who space-warps to a Zen Buddhist temple after he gets out of prison. The central difference is that Detective Charlie Crews' (partial) revenge is to protect someone important to him, rather than his desire for vengeance. 

He has a habit of "micro-meditation" during conversations, when he would either stare into space or quote some very Daoist riddles. The actor has done a superb job with this character, who reminds me of a crater lake atop a dormant volcano... deep, dark, mysterious, usually serene yet capable of immensely explosive power.

Crews' foil character has about as much of an angsty past, although she stays rather grounded while often snappy. Their interactions most closely resemble those of the duo in The Dresden Files, although Harry Dresden is mildly klutzy and Crews is very methodical... almost like a Zen master :-P

There are times when Crews actually reminds me of Dr. Gregory House. They both have that rugged (British) look and the dogged persistence that does not let go until the problem is solved. And they rarely smile... if one appears, it is often forced or pained. Le angst! I want to escape to a Zen temple, but there would probably be no Internets, rawr.

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