Saturday, May 28, 2011

What makes Chuck (TV) great

- - -
(1) Strongly defined characters, each with at least one "powers".
(1a) Chuck - disarming smile, super brain, adorable nerdiness, and the Intersect.
(1b) Sarah - ninja abilities while being model-grade gorgeous...
(1c) Morgan - loyalty, very high courage/skills coefficient
(1d) Ellie - quintessential big sis, also super brain...
(1e) Devon a.k.a. Captain Awesome - all the good qualities of a matured frat boy

(2) And the whole bumbling underachiever to super spy journey is classic epic hero story. Why oh why oh why, cannot resist this type of story...

(3) The will-they-won't-they romance between Chuck and Sarah is tantalizing. Love triangles, quadrilaterals, interconnected polygons...

(4) Nebulous evil organizations (Season 2 & 3). And tragic villain Daniel Shaw (Season 3). And super badass villain(s) Volkoff (Season 4)

We seek the excitement in fantasy.

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