Saturday, August 6, 2011

Once-in-a-blue-moon relatively-pleasant dream

- - -
I was wandering around the Stata Center, which looked different from the real one. It was internally circular and the rooms were bigger. There was also one giant general purpose room...

I saw people I know from high school & undergrad whom I don't think know each other. They were engaged in a strange team-building activity inside the general purpose room, building Rube-Goldberg type devices. There were about 5 or 6 competing teams, and I saw them trying to hold down a spring (looked like it had a high spring constant k) hanging from each of the ceiling lights... for perhaps about 30 seconds. The mayhem that ensued was somewhat ridiculous. Screams and cheers and people piling on each other in awkward positions.

Meanwhile, I was circling around the food areas and came across an ice cream dispenser with 5 flavors: green tea, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and mint. (Seriously I think I must secretly want all ice cream dispensers to have those flavors...) I had a green tea one, strawberry mixed with vanilla, mint mixed with vanilla.

And then a current labmate was commenting amusedly on my mixing the flavors.

At least I know where the ice cream dispenser came about... I was at a food truck festival the night before and was watching one of my friend's friends eat a tall stack of ice cream balls on a cone. I was already full, but that cone sure looked tasty...

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