Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Once upon a random research meeting

- - -

I opened the door to the small conference room.

Jokester Grad Student: Speaking of women.

[Chuckles from the group]

Me: Huh? What's going on... Can you recap please?

Jokester: We were talking about how there aren't enough women at Cal Tech.

Me: Oh really. [Facetiously] Like 10%?

[More chuckles]

Male REU Student: 10% [ROFL]

Jokester: More like 28%... I mean, how was it for you?

Me: So the overall is half and half. But some majors are 25%, 15%, and others are like 80%. You can probably guess which ones...

Postdoc: Women's studies?

Jokester: Biology?

Me: Yeah.

Jokester: It's those fuzzy mice.

Me: [Raised eyebrows] And killing them.

[Loud laughter from the group]

Jokester: What does this say about women?!

Me: [Deadpan] Don't mess with them.

[More laughter]

Female REU Student: Well-played.

Me: Har har har.

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