Thursday, October 20, 2011

Composers' self-indulgence (?)

- - -
These are the type of songs I usually write. They tend to exhibit looping motifs and certain types of chord progressions that I happen to particularly like.

(1) The same kind of unresolved progression (i-VI7) as in Dido's "Thank You".

  • (2) An example of the Andalusian cadence. You can overlay Turtle's "So Happy Together" on this... assuming they're in the same key of course. Seriously.

  • (3) Here I blatantly ripped off a melody from Dvořák's Cello Concerto. And didn't do much with it.

  • (4) "Turkey trot" vs. Mozart's "Turkish March"... I could not resist.

  • (5) Now, here is something I normally wouldn't write. This was pro bono for an online friend.

  • Goes to show that an amateur composer can afford to be so very self-indulgent yet still unsatisfactory on every level.

    Debussy apparently had a wild temper. One can't really tell from his music... or shall one say, it's because he had wild tempers that he had to write such flowing and calming music? Although his music was probably the most effective pick-up line that started his numerous romantic relationships.

    What about Shostakovich's angsty grunts and ooomphs? Were they disguised primal screams from being denounced and abandoned repeatedly?

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