Saturday, October 15, 2011

WARNING: Conference trolls, mess with me and you die. :-)

- - -

(2:15:22 PM) Me: I have found that conference poster trolls are @$$holes
(2:15:30 PM) Me: At some point I will screw with them
(2:15:53 PM) Me: But I'm too much of a rookie right now
(2:20:09 PM) Friend: It's not a big deal when you're presenting a poster
(2:20:18 PM) Friend: Just wait until you give a talk and the trolls attack
(2:20:31 PM) Me: hmm
(2:20:41 PM) Me: I have not encountered that at that symposium
(2:20:44 PM) Friend: Chances are it's something personal in any case
(2:21:04 PM) Me: however, the moderator did introduce one speaker as "beauty and power in the same package"
(2:21:19 PM) Friend: People challenging your work have a competing work, or more likely they're competing for a share of the same funding pie.
(2:21:24 PM) Me: because the audience was 2/3 white males over 40
(2:21:39 PM) Me: and the speaker was a youngish Chinese woman
(2:21:51 PM) Me: I see... competitors
(2:21:57 PM) Friend: Haha what is this the 19th century?
(2:22:03 PM) Me: yes
(2:22:05 PM) Me: totally
(2:22:09 PM) Friend: At least physicists don't have the balls to make a comment like that.
(2:22:32 PM) Me: Although if the competitors don't have valid point, everyone else can see that it's playground squabble
(2:23:48 PM) Friend: I don't get it was the moderator really old?
(2:24:07 PM) Friend: I just can't imagine that happening at any conference I go to, it'd be really awkward
(2:24:30 PM) Me: He was kinda old
(2:24:35 PM) Me: Not *that* old
(2:24:38 PM) Me: 50 ish
(2:24:56 PM) Me: I wonder how many times the speaker got comments like these
(2:25:10 PM) Me: prolly a few times
(2:30:18 PM) Friend: Still doesn't seem very appropriate in a professional setting.
(2:30:24 PM) Friend: Even if it's a real small conference.
(2:30:35 PM) Friend: Unless the speaker was the moderator's wife or something like that
(2:30:44 PM) Me: oh hahahahahha
(2:30:58 PM) Me: That has not been confirmed or denied... :P
(2:31:04 PM) Friend: Well who knows.
(2:31:13 PM) Me: indeed
(2:31:16 PM) Friend: I keep hearing conferences are good places to hook up
(2:31:26 PM) Me: Even for old ass people?
(2:31:32 PM) Me: ... especially
(2:31:35 PM) Me: for old ass people
(2:32:09 PM) Friend: You have a point
(2:32:21 PM) Friend: I'm 29 and I'm already starting to lose interest
(2:33:24 PM) Me: les sighs
(2:36:08 PM) Friend: I can't imagine what I'd be like when I'm 50
(2:36:26 PM) Me: I can't either
(2:36:28 PM) Me: scary thought
(2:36:34 PM) Me: banish banish
(2:42:20 PM) Friend: tiger mom :-P
(2:43:26 PM) Me: Me?? ZOMG
(2:43:40 PM) Me: I sure hope not

(3:16:41 PM) Me: I shall try to get some exercise now I suppose
(3:16:58 PM) Friend: You should lift weights and get really buff, wouldn't that be cool?
(3:17:04 PM) Me: I am already hahaha
(3:17:15 PM) Friend: I mean arnold buff
(3:17:17 PM) Me: I lift weights when I watch TV
(3:17:19 PM) Me: oh lol
(3:17:23 PM) Me: I thought he used roids
(3:17:29 PM) Friend: That's also an option
(3:17:34 PM) Me: no roids for me.
(3:17:38 PM) Friend: You lift weights while watching tv?
(3:17:41 PM) Me: yes
(3:17:57 PM) Friend: Like you benchpress 400 lbs?
(3:18:04 PM) Me: I wish hahaha
(3:18:11 PM) Friend: That would rule
(3:18:14 PM) Me: it would
(3:18:21 PM) Me: and then I would be afraid of no one
(3:18:36 PM) Me: the conference trolls I can take out in 3 seconds
(3:18:39 PM) Friend: Then you would get some good introductions at conferences
(3:18:47 PM) Me: Hell yeah
(3:19:13 PM) Me: alright time to run up and down stairs.......
(3:19:14 PM) Friend: You should start wearing a sword and a full suit of armor to conferences
(3:19:30 PM) Friend: The trolls won't mess with you.
(3:19:34 PM) Me: Totally awesome
(3:19:56 PM) Me: Mayhaps I shall try that sometimes
(3:20:04 PM) Friend: I just learned the other day the main character in metroid is a girl
(3:20:10 PM) Me: :P
(3:20:20 PM) Friend: Perhaps a suit like that.
(3:22:03 PM) Me: booyah
(3:23:01 PM) Friend:
(3:23:09 PM) Friend: Yes, this will do
(3:23:13 PM) Me: hohoh
(3:23:19 PM) Friend: But a bigger gun
(3:23:24 PM) Me: pffft
(3:23:42 PM) Friend: You prefer the sword?
(3:23:50 PM) Me: yes
(3:24:11 PM) Me: I like to have slim and deadly weaponry
(3:24:28 PM) Me: mmmmmmmm
(3:24:35 PM) Me: okay aerobic workout time
(3:24:52 PM) Me: stairs on mid-rises
(3:25:00 PM) Friend:
(3:25:16 PM) Me: hahaa
(3:25:22 PM) Friend: Surprisingly most images of girls with swords are also very skimpily dressed
(3:25:28 PM) Me: no one is ever messing with her
(3:25:29 PM) Me: lol
(3:25:31 PM) Friend: Not really appropriate for conference
(3:25:37 PM) Me: indeed

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