Thursday, May 7, 2009

The most environmentally friendly building I've ever been in

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Genzyme corporate headquarters. I wish that I could work in a place that's built like that... seriously. The architect's contest proposal was a napkin drawing and a (visionary) pitch that evidently beat out all the other massively detailed plans... I think it helps that the CEO is European.

I walked in and felt the forest air with a refreshing aura of serenity. There's a reflecting pool/fountain by the staircase, with lush plant growths all around. The iridescent decor generates dancing rainbows all the way up the 12th floor... It's a magical glass cathedral. 80% natural lighting and convection heating/cooling... the epitome of a passive building! (ahem inside joke)

The cafeteria is on the top floor, so that "everyone can get the views and not just the senior execs," said our tour guide. All the corner spaces are conference rooms for the same reason. There are chairs with different colors and they're meant to be mixed together (symbolizes diversity)... except the cleaning crew likes to arrange them in uni-color groups :-P

There's also an artwork trading program with the DeCordova Museum, pretty awesome.

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