Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thesis-related story

- - -
(Saturday morning 2009.05.16... I was on the phone with one of my thesis supervisors, i.e. the one who's been the most helpful with my thesis work)

Me: Does 3pm today sound good?
Dr. Silver Mage: Sure, I'll be in my office.
Me: I told [Prof. Moon Mage] that you looked over everything except the last section.
Dr. Silver Mage: Okay... Ohh! Remind me to tell you a funny story when I see you.
Me: Ahaha sounds exciting!

(3pm, in Dr. Silver Mage's office)

Me: So you were going to tell me a funny story.
Dr. S: Ah... what was the context?
Me: We were talking about the last section of my thesis.
Dr. S: Ohh! I remember. Okay... so this was in early spring of 1974? 75? I was co-supervising a project about switch capacitors with Prof. A (the one w/ a room named after him) because he asked me to. So I read over what the student wrote, and it really wasn't up to [insert my school name] standard... I told him a list of things to do and asked him to come see me every week.
Me: Okay.
Dr. S: That was the last time I ever saw him!
Me: O_O seriously??
Dr. S: The funny part is, at the end of term, I bumped into Prof. A. And I asked him, whatever happened to so-and-so's thesis? And he told me that he signed it - because I've seen it! i.e. I've read over everything except the last section...
Me: XD Oh wow....... I'm very curious about what that student wrote!
Dr. S: Me too! Man...
Me: I wonder where he is now...

(Later I told this story to my suitemate. We decided that he must have been doing fairly well at least at some point, considering the level of daring con that he pulled.)

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