Sunday, June 21, 2009

First sailing

- - -
... in 20 mph wind that changed direction every 2 seconds. Is that the so-called "trial by fire", or rather, trial by wind and gusty rain? This felt exactly like the time when I accidentally ventured onto a double blue square trail during my very first time skiing. I crashed into someone and got an angry red circle on my lift card, which basically meant "stick with the bunny slope, buster!"

Well, this time I (we) didn't bump into anyone's boat (though there were a few close calls) and we didn't capsize (there were also a few close calls...), but I'll be honest... I was scared out of my wits in the middle of the river when the boat was bobbing up and down at the mercy of the waves... well, I did manage to keep the boat from actually capsizing by constant moving my ass (shifting the boat's center of gravity). According to my boatmate, "that was about the only thing I did!" Hey, I was also scooping the water out of the boat in the meantime! Well, he did the steering and wasn't having a quasi-panic attack like I was. I do wonder though, looking out at the frothy 4-foot high waves, if that was how Hemingway's Old Man felt at the Sea... poetic?

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