Saturday, June 20, 2009

Isabella Gardner Museum trip

- - -
The restaurant was cute. Thaitation... curious name. Food was good, with like four kinds of mushrooms and tasty sauce. Music selection was nice too. And that song... no... it's "chasing pavements", not "chasing penguins". The coconut ice cream and mangos were awesome. And the two sticks of strawberry pockies over the ice cream.

The museum's in the neighborhood, so I thought we'd pay a visit. Mmm, private collections are often idiosyncratic, and this collector is definitely quite a character. The way artworks are arranged, the strategically placed / posed self-portraits, the courtyard with fractal fern trees and Medusa tiles, the garden with a strange though beautiful variant of hydrangeas...

The intricate details on the artifacts (furniture, tapestry, metal works) are remarkable. But I must say I prefer simple geometries with aero/hydrodynamic tendencies. I really liked the courtyard, on the other hand. It'd be nice to have a garden like that at some point, but... less symmetrical :-P

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