Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael Clayton

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The fictional game in the movie, Realm + Conquest, has a similar concept to World of Warcraft, except it seems like a mix of both RPG and real-time strategy. As the protagonist listens half-heartedly to his son's description of R + C, it becomes clear that the game is a motif. He remarked, "sounds familiar", as he turns the steering wheel on the way to his son's school. It reminds him of what he does that isn't on the job description - as the "fixer" or go-to guy whenever the law firm that he works in needs a massive bailout.

"There are 15 different kinds of characters, and they all play against one another, not knowing who're friends or enemies, so it's everyone for himself."

Except for the defense lawyer from the same law firm that's hired by an agroproducts conglomerate... the lawyer who turns against his client and actually has a conscience and pays a price. And his fixer friend who discovers the truth.

The world always needs lawyers with a sense of justice.

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