Friday, April 17, 2009

Spatial-temporal subliminal messaging

- - -
The weather is suddenly very warm today, as last year's CPW was, if I remembered correctly. (When I was a pre-frosh, there was a thunderstorm that Friday)

(1) I passed by the Math Department open house and saw people with ice cream.

(2) I was at a recital played by a friend I knew from high-school era. (Swipe swipe, I prefer the other version of Prokofiev! It doesn't jump around as much :-P) Mmmm Gershwin is smooooooth as usual. Ferdinand the Bull was a cute piece. Very befitting of the general chillaaaaaxing mood today. Sitting by the tree, smelling the flowers...

(3) The decor of Killian Hall really looked like chocolate-strawberry-coffee cake. It just hit me quite abruptly today... the dark brown door frames and sills, the salmon-pink walls, the beige ceilings... Maybe it was the ice cream subliminal messaging. Then I bought two containers of Häagen-Dazs frozen yogurt (vanilla and coffee), luxurious treats indeed.

(4) I should try not to stuff myself. Think I shall work it off tomorrow...

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